About Us

The National Alliance on Mental Illness Hawaii

NAMI Hawaii is proud to offer programs of education and real-life recovery for families affected by mental illness and anyone interested in being better informed. We strive to raise public awareness about mental illness and better mental health. The more people who understand and know more about mental illness, the less likely prejudice and stigma will exist in our community. Our programs and support groups are prepared and delivered by people who know firsthand the struggles of having a loved one afflicted with a mental illness as well as those who live in recovery. These presenters are well trained and look forward to helping you better understand the circumstances you may find yourself in.

Our Team


Kumi Macdonald

Executive Director

Former church ministry director and hotel manager, Connection Support Group Facilitator, successfully living in recovery from depression and has family members with mental illness.

Anisa Wiseman

Program Director

Former special education teacher, business owner, successfully living in recovery from PTSD and has family members with mental illness.

Ian Macdonald

Program Assistant

IT, videography, and customer service background. Temporary hire during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brysen Poulton

Volunteer Community Coordinator

PR background.


Dana Anderson

Board Secretary
Writer, retired educator and business owner of St. Clement's Outreach to the institute for Human Services, founding member of Friends of Youth Outreach Hawaii Foundation.

Anika Gearheart

Board of Director
PhD Candidate of Cognitive Psychology at UH Manoa, instructor of psychology at LCC. Living successfully with an anxiety disorder and supporting family members with mental health disorders. Active volunteer with NAMI Hawaii and leads NAMI on Campus group at LCC.

Randy Hack

Board of Director
Retired Consumer Advisor of AMHD, Department of Health, person in recovery from mental illness, NAMI Recognition Award 2015, unique personal relationship with largest individual donor and NAMI Hawaii.

Kathy Hammes

Board of Director
Retired social worker, NAMI Family to Family teacher.

Loretta Hughes

Board of Director
NAMI Family to Family teacher.

Deborah Kissinger

Board of Director
Psychiatrist: adult, child and adolescent (addiction medicine).

Greg Knudsen

Board of Director
Retired (DOE communications director), Family-to-Family teacher, Support Group facilitator, former editor & Peace Corps volunteer, photographer, traveler.

Carol Kozlovich

Board President
Rotary Club president, trained facilitator with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Francesca Leonetti

Board 1st Vice President
Director of Microsoft Brand Strategy. She has a family member with mental illness.

Kate Madigan

Board of Director
ATR-BC, Art Therapist with Hawaii State Hospital. Has a family member with mental illness.

Karin Medigovich

Board of Director
Childcare licenser for the state of Hawaii. Al anon member. NAMI Support Group facilitator and F2F teacher. Mental health first aide certified, CPI and assist certified. Four years experience as a Crisis Outreach Therapist. Mother of a fine artist who survives schizophrenia.

Daniel Mistak

Board of Director
Director of Health Care Initiatives for Justice-involved individuals at Community Oriented Correctional Health Services. A conference presenter and advocate for jail diversion.

Amy Morton-Sogi

Board of Director
Operations Manager at Department of Health, former corporate and healthcare attorney. Successfully living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, supports family member with mental illness.

Ty Perrier

Board of Director
Psychiatric and Family Nurse Practitioner, and a current military spouse. Previous United States Public Health Service Officer. Has family members suffering from mental illness.

Marc Sicignano

Board of Director
Technology and design consultant, Family to Family teacher, living with a partner suffering from schizophrenia and borderline personality disorder.

Michael Williams

Board Treasurer
Certified Public Accountant.

Debbie Zimmerman

Board 2nd Vice President
President of New Millennium Meetings, Inc., consultant to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, Wellness Partner with Amare Global, family member with mental health condition.


Marjorie Au

Attorney, Former NAMI Hawaii President.

Carol Denis

Retired DHS State Worker, NAMI Family Support Group facilitator, NAMI Family to Family teacher.

Mike Durant

NAMI Family Support Group facilitator, member of Hawaii State Council on Mental Health, retired businessman, retired general manager of Jorgensen Steel Company in Honolulu, and a member of NAMI Hawaii since 1999.

Kimi Gabbard, RN

CEO & Founder of Ka Lai Aina, RN, MFT, and currently a case manger. She has family with mental illness.

Steven Katz

Dealing with mental illness of a family member, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, NAMI Support Group facilitator, community speaker.

Denis Mee-Lee, MD

MD, MS, CPI, Co-Founder of NAMI Hawaii, past, Chief Hawaii Mental Health Division, past Director and Chair of Psychiatry, Castle Medical Center, President and Principal Investigator of Valden Medical, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Hawaii, Past Chief of Staff, Castle Medical Center, SAMSA Grant Reviewer.

Anson Rego

Attorney, dealing with mental illness of a family member, Family Support Group facilitator.

Kathleen Rhoads Merriam

A licensed social worker and a certified substance abuse counselor, has experience as someone living with a mental illness, as a family member, mental health provider and administrator, works for HI Adult Mental Health Division and is on the Statewide Suicide Prevention Task Force, board member of National Association of Social Workers.

Kathleen Sheffield

Founder NAMI Kauai, NAMI Family to Family teacher trainer and instructor, NAMI Support Group facilitator, certified instructor Mental Health First Aid, real estate sales person.